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Quality content that is not plagiarized and is actually readable is hard to come by these days, but I’ve got you covered! With a market competitive rate and a guarantee of original content, what more could you ask for? The following is a list of the different kinds of writing I can produce for you. Click the links to find out more information!

I’m offering a 50% discount for new customers so you can easily judge that I make no false promises.

Personal Essays – Starting at US$0.15 per word

Tech Articles – Starting at US$0.20 per word

Critical Analysis – Starting at US$0.20 per word

Case Study Analysis – Starting at US$0.25 per word

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Sometimes it happens that you’ve written some amazing content, but you want it to be perfect and void of any sort of errors. That is where my services come in to assist you!

I’ll go through your document and if it contains only minor typos, grammatical errors, and all that silly stuff, then I’ll charge you a nominal fee of US$15 per page.

Documents with more than 20 pages will be charged at US$10 per page!

I’ll also throw in a good offer for you. If it happens that your document needs a massive rewrite, I won’t charge you anything! You’re welcome to try out my writing services in that case instead.

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