About me

I’m a Computer Science graduate with a fondness for writing. Learning multiple subjects and practicing them made me develop an interest for minor details.

Exams happen all around the clock in university and with them, study sessions happened fairly regularly. In some of them, it was up to me to explain to everyone the fine details of a specific tool.

Being forced to go into minor details allowed me to develop an interest in technology. I routinely explore new technologies just to understand how everything comes together.

While I’ve explored a wide variety of subjects and tools, my interest is fairly strong in Data Science, Artificial intelligence, Data mining, Python, C, C++, and Databases.

I’ve not restricted myself to anything particular either. If a task comes up that demands me to explore something new, I’m always up to the challenge.

Even though my strong suit is technology-related writing, I’m very flexible when it comes to different topics. I have a fast reading speed which allows me to absorb information quickly and begin writing on it.