Is Environmental Sustainability Compatible With Long-term Growth?

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Long-term growth is definitely feasible through renewable energy resources which is one of the forms of environmental sustainability. Coal produces a tremendous amount of greenhouse gases, pollutes the air and is one of the leading causes of lung problems, along with several other diseases especially for the labor that extracts it from its source ( The primary cause for concern is when world leaders do not pay attention to these figures and continue to advocate the use of exhaustive resources, namely coal.

The primary argument that is put forward is the huge number of people that will be put out of work if such industries seize to exist. While it is true that it could take some time for renewable industries to provide the same number of working opportunities, it is no denying that it is a much needed and necessary step to make sure that the switch towards such plans comes soon. As innovation brings forth new technologies and makes it feasible to produce them on a larger scale, jobs will come naturally. It is not just speculation as the figures we have today really do show an optimistic level of chances available and their further increase is almost inevitable.

According to Greenmatch, the renewable sector had a sizeable workforce of about 9.8 million people in 2016 and is close to a 1.1% increase from 2015 ( The numbers are expected to climb every year and one of the strongest indicators of a change being economically viable is how much employment it brings to the table. In this case, it is significant enough to be given high priority.

Apart from bringing in jobs, renewable energy also reduces a great ton of burden from the government of any country in finding a cheap, efficient and independent source of energy.

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